Testimonial 2

At a time when managed Corporate Superannuation fund returns were decreasing and Financial Market returns were shrinking, retirement was imposed on us.

We need a local face to face contact rather than the regular trips to Melbourne we made, for mid city meetings with Superannuation Fund staff.

You understood our limited financial knowledge and our reluctance to take financial risks. You were able to explain the reasoning and processes of financial planning and action in a very digestible way, so we were comfortable and felt included in investment decision making.

We appreciate the lack of pressure to select specific investment products and that your billing costs are clear, and reasonable.

Your constant monitoring of market performance and our investments is critical and most re-assuring.

The regular updates keep us comfortable with our Self Managed Superannuation Fund, rather tan concerned about what might happen next, as in our previous Corporate Superannuation Fund.

Thankfully we can now concentrate on what we need to do and have been very comfortable recommending you and your services to our friends.

L & C Morgan, Mildura


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